How to avoid a ‘crowded’ airport for the next two days

A day after being delayed from his flight, a young man from China was forced to wait in a queue at a Hong Kong airport as hundreds of his friends tried to catch a flight to Beijing.

“We just had to be patient.

I had to wait for the plane,” said Zhao Shoulin, who arrived in Hong Kong on Monday.

The 25-year-old said the airport is a popular place for tourists, and he said it was not unusual to see people queuing up in the queue.

“It’s so crowded.

You can’t just go to the airport and just be on your way.

It’s always a big crowd there.

It can be quite crowded,” Zhao said.

The Hong Kong International Airport said it is working to improve conditions.

“Our airport is busy with people trying to get through the airport in various ways,” a spokesman said.

“The queue at the airport will be reduced during the morning peak hours, so we encourage people to get there earlier in the morning, even if they’re late.”

But some passengers said queues were growing longer than usual, especially at weekends.

“I’ve been waiting for over an hour to get on a plane,” Li Zhongxian, 23, a student from southern China, said.

“I had to stand in the middle of the airport for almost two hours just to get my boarding pass, and that was before the airport was open.”

He said that when the airport reopened on Tuesday, it was difficult to get a ticket and that the queues were even longer than normal.

“When we came in on Tuesday morning, we were able to get the tickets but we had to queue for an hour and a half to get our tickets.

It was just awful,” he said.