10 great apps for building a mobile strategy

Hacker News article You can use your Android phone to build a mobile web app.

Here are 10 apps you should try.


Twitter Search is a free app that lets you tweet and retweet your followers and followers of others in your network.

This app allows you to search for tweets, replies, and replies with specific words or phrases.

The app also lets you create an automated conversation with people in your conversation.


Buffer is a simple text-based messaging app that’s available for Android and iOS.

You can set up groups and send them messages and photos, share your text messages, and manage your group’s inbox.

The messaging app also supports photo and video sharing.


iMessage lets you send and receive SMS messages with text, audio, and video.

You have the option to send messages from your phone and receive them on your tablet.


Twitter Todoist lets you set up a reminder to do a specific task.

You set up an email address, and you can set a reminder for the next day, or any day.


Mailbox lets you automatically send your Gmail and Yahoo Mail messages to other people’s inboxes.

You don’t have to open up a new email account.


iFusion lets you sync messages with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Signal lets you connect with people who share your interests or who have your contact information.


Mail.me lets you manage your inboxes and keep track of your emails.


Trello lets you organize tasks in your inbox with a color-coded grid and set reminders.


Quora lets you ask questions and answer them in your browser, on the go, or on a desktop.