Bank’s new Tender Documents website is not compatible with iOS and Android – RTE

RTE is reporting that Bank of Ireland (BoI) is not planning to make a Tender documents app for its iOS and Google Android devices.

The website has a large number of links to various banking apps and services and will be inaccessible for the iPhone and Android users who want to use it.

A source told RTE that BoI’s new website does not support the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and will only work with iOS devices.

It also said the new Tenders website is currently in “beta”.

It is unclear if the BoI has updated the site or if the feature is still missing.

The site features a number of features, including a Tenders mobile application for iOS, an iPhone app for Android, and an iPad app for iPhone.

The BoI website was launched last September and is available only in Ireland.

The company also plans to roll out Tenders on other platforms.