How to save money by eating at home

We are now more likely to visit the toilet and not use the bathroom at home, according to new research.

The University of Sydney found the average home in Australia has the capacity to hold around 60 toilet rolls, while households that don’t have a toilet or a toilet bowl are less likely to use them, or not at all.

The study found that while Australians consume a lot of toilet paper, fewer than 5 per cent of them go to the toilet.

However, it is the average amount that is most wasteful.

The research found that Australians spend more on disposable plastic bags than on toilet paper.

It found that in 2013-14, the average disposable bag cost $2.25.

The average disposable paper bag cost around $1.50.

The findings came as a new report from the Department of Finance and Public Expenditure released last week showed Australia’s per capita disposable disposable income dropped for the fourth consecutive year to $5,965 in the year to July.