How to save your food and money, and how to get the most out of the new ‘Tender’ app

The new ‘tender’ program, a free app that allows people to buy and sell food and drinks online, has gone live in the US.

The app will be available to users of the Android Market, and it offers discounts for customers to pay online for a product, rather than at a brick-and-mortar store.

“Tender will help reduce the amount of food waste that you will consume, and help save you money by helping you save money on your groceries and restaurants,” the app’s website reads.

“It will also be great for your wallet and helps you save for retirement, or when you are looking for the best deal on your next vacation.”

There are no pricing details for the app at the moment, but a post on the app website indicates that “the prices of these items will vary depending on your location and region.”

In addition to offering discounts on items, the app offers a variety of incentives, including a “free shipping” offer, and discounts for purchasing through the app.

Users can also buy food and drink directly through the App, and the app also provides a “buy now” option, allowing users to pay for a quantity of food or drinks they need in a set time.