Tender’s new app lets you ‘get to know your customer’

It’s not just Tender that’s been working on a new way to help customers interact with their service.

The company’s newly launched app, which was unveiled today, lets you “get to read your customer’s mind,” and it even comes with a new twist: you can ask questions to see what they’re thinking about.

The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and features a chat feature that allows users to ask questions about how their items are being handled, what’s happening on their account, or what they’ve done recently.

When a user answers, a message appears on their screen that reads, “Your thoughts on the products you’ve purchased, services you’ve used, and events you’ve participated in recently.”

It’s a new, free feature that Tender says is designed to help people better understand their customers and better understand what they need and want from their products.

Tender, which launched in 2012, has been expanding rapidly over the past few years.

Last year, the company announced that it was doubling its staff, hiring more than 60 employees and adding more than 100 new product teams.

This year, Tender has also been adding a new customer service team to the mix, as well as a new product management team, and the company is currently in the process of expanding to more cities across the U.S.

The new app is part of a larger shift in how Tender is thinking about the way it handles its customers.

Last month, Tenders newly acquired startup Xoomi announced that Tenders customers were no longer limited to the company’s apps and could opt-in to the Xoomex platform.

This move has resulted in Tenders apps becoming increasingly popular with customers.

In addition to the new app, Tends new website has also launched, which allows customers to register for an account with a single click, and users can opt-out of certain features at any time.

Users will also be able to see how their Tender account is performing by logging in with a unique username and password and see how many people have signed up for their account.

There are also new tabs within the site that let users learn more about the company and its products.