What you need to know about a foreign builder job offer

Foreign builders can get a very lucrative job offer from a foreign buyer, but they also need to have the qualifications of the foreign builder. 

The buyer is often a buyer, who is looking to buy a building or construction site, but also the builder.

Foreign builders have to be at least 18 years old, have a license to build, and pass the background check required by the buyer. 

If the buyer is looking for a job in a construction company, the foreign builders can apply for the job and get an offer from the company. 

Foreign builders who have the skills needed to build a house, or a home for a family, need to be in the United States to qualify for the EB-5 visa. 

The EB-10 visa allows foreign workers to come to the United State to work and receive work experience, without having to go through the rigorous background check process. 

This visa also allows for foreign workers who are already here to work in the U.S. to obtain a temporary work permit. 

If you want to build in the US, but you have not done all of the requirements, you can apply to be a foreign worker. 

You can apply online, in person, by mail, or by phone. 

Some states require you to have some specific skills in building, and in order to get the EB status, you must have at least one of the following skills:Construction and related trades that require welding, lathes, metalworking, machine tools, and other trades. 

Criminal records. 

A history of not being able to build or construct a home. 

Degree in engineering. 

An undergraduate degree in engineering, architecture, materials science, or other related field. 

Two or more years of experience building or constructing a home or other structure. 

Formal qualifications from a United States-based trade school. 

Ability to work with computers and other technologies. 

Knowledge of the construction of a home and its use as a living and work space. 

Income of $100,000 or more a year. 

Five years of post-secondary education, plus at least 10 years of work experience in a trade or industry that is a high-technology occupation. 

Three years of paid service experience as a contractor or in a business that specializes in construction. 

Bachelor’s degree in architecture or related field, and at least four years of advanced work experience as an architect, engineer, or architect’s assistant. 

Four years of professional experience in the construction or design of structures, including building or demolition. 

Residency in the state of residence. 

Must have completed at least 12 months of community service. 

Work experience with the United Nations or the U,S.

Agency for International Development (USAID), at least a year and a half, including six months in a job related to a program of the United Nation. 

Has a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and a two-year, non-profit apprenticeship program. 

How to apply to apply for an EB-20 visa:How to get a foreign workers visa to build the US:A foreign builder can apply with a different form of visa to get an EB status. 

Before you apply, you will need to: If your family is a U.N. refugee, they will need an immigrant visa to live in the USA. 

Your employer must provide a copy of their employment agreement and you must show your job offer. 

For more information about the EB visa, visit the U-Verse website. 

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