The White House: We need to stop outsourcing to China

President Donald Trump’s administration is warning companies to stay out of the United States for good, and they’re taking action, too.

Trump said Wednesday that the United Nations Security Council is considering a resolution to punish China for what it calls its illegal trade practices in the United State.

“We are going to make it a lot harder for China to come in and steal our intellectual property,” Trump said in an interview with the Fox Business Network.

“If they want to come into the United Kingdom and steal intellectual property, we’re going to put a big fine on them.

And I would tell them: They have to get out of here.”

Trump, who is traveling through the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, also made an announcement Wednesday on trade that he called a “win-win situation” and said he has been working on it for months.

“I think this is a win-win,” Trump told the Business Insider website.

“We’re going into a country where they’re hurting.

We’re going in, and we’re getting them off.

We are helping them with their trade deficit.

We’ve helped them with trade deficits.

And we’re helping them to bring back jobs.

So it’s a win.”

The White House has been talking for weeks about China’s alleged illegal trade with the United Stated, the U.S. territory in the Indian Ocean, and the United Asian Association.

The administration has argued that Beijing is unfairly stealing American intellectual property in the form of semiconductors and electronics.

Trump has said the United states has a trade surplus with China, but the trade deficit is not as big as the U,S.

government claims.

The U.N. Security Council will vote later this week on a resolution condemning the Chinese regime’s alleged “monopolistic and anti-competitive conduct,” which would send a message to Beijing to stop the theft of intellectual property.

“This resolution is very important for the United nations,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the Wall Street Journal.

“The United States is concerned that China is abusing its economic leverage to illegally steal U.,S., and other countries’ intellectual property rights and threaten the very future of the global economy.”

A spokeswoman for the U.,S.

Trade Representative said the US. is “committed to working with the UANSA and other governments to combat intellectual property theft in the world’s most dynamic and competitive economy,” the WSJ reported.