What is the difference between Manpower and Gas?

A new study conducted by the Italian Football Federation (FIG) has revealed the differences between Man and Gas engines.

The study, titled “Manpower vs. Gas: The difference in performance in the field”, is based on the test results of Italy’s top 10 football teams from 2012 to 2017.

According to the results, the Manpower engines produced superior results in the fields, while the Gas engines produced inferior results.

This is because the gas engine was designed for use in extreme environments, and while the Man power was not, the study said.

“The difference in engine performance between Man power and Gas is significant, as the gas engines are usually designed for the field and therefore have the ability to run at higher speeds than the Man engines,” said FIG president Stefano Bertolacci.

Manpower engines, however, are designed for short-range, high-intensity operations and thus produce more fuel and carbon dioxide, according to the study. 

However, the Italian federation is not the only one to make the difference, according a survey by the European Federation of Motorsport (EFM). 

In the EFM survey, the EFMM found that in the 2015/16 season, only 6 percent of the teams on the top 20 teams used Gas engines, and in 2017/18, only 5 percent used Manpower. 

According to an EFM spokesperson, Manpower is the engine of choice for some of the most famous and powerful European racing series such as Formula 1, Grand Prix and Le Mans. 

“We’re delighted that the Italian FA has come to the conclusion that the most powerful engines are more fuel efficient and thus better at running at high speeds than other engines,” a statement by the federation read.

“We also hope that the new study will serve as a model for other countries in Europe and around the world, to ensure that their engines are developed to be as fuel efficient as possible, which would enable them to compete on the world stage.”

The European Federation is a voluntary body, which has the right to decide how to award fuel efficiency points. 

With Manpower’s new regulations and a change in the rules for the 2019/20 season, it is unlikely that Manpower will be the most popular engine choice in the future. 

Nevertheless, it does give us a look at what’s happening in the engines market.