How to set up your first design business

Hassan Oudin, CEO of the DesignWorks project and founder of the digital art collective DesignWorks, talks about setting up a design business in a new interview with The Verge.

Oudins first design work experience was as an intern at Apple, where he worked on the iPhone’s Siri feature.

He was lucky enough to find a position at one of the world’s leading design agencies.

He has since launched a few design businesses, including DesignWorks Mobile, which provides online design services to clients.

In the interview, Oudens business experience also touches on the role of digital art in digital art.

Oudin’s first business, DesignWorksMobile, was founded in 2010 by two brothers, Hani and Nabil.

The project’s primary mission is to connect artists with clients in the field of design, which is growing rapidly across the globe.

Oodins brother Nabil, who is also an artist, is responsible for the company’s website and social media.

He said in a recent interview that DesignWorks aims to provide a platform for the creative community to connect with the design world.

“We’re trying to get the word out,” Oudinas brother Nabib said.

“We want to connect the design community with the artists.”

Oudins experience at Apple has been a boon for his company.

It was there that he got the chance to learn about the design process, as well as the process of working for a large company like Apple.

He says the company was a very welcoming environment for him to work with artists and designers.

“It was like a real creative boot camp,” Oodin said.

“I thought it was a really good environment to learn how to be creative, but it was also really a work environment that I would come back to.”

In the past year, Oodinas business has grown exponentially.

He currently works as an in-house consultant for a design firm, as a freelancer for a small design studio, and as a product manager at DesignWorks.

He believes that he has found his niche in the industry.

“Designers and designers are not as good as engineers,” Oumas brother Namin said.

“[Designers] are more focused, more focused on the product, and they’re more focused in the long run on the quality of the product.

So, I think that’s a huge difference.

Designers, I can tell you, are the ones that are more dedicated to the product.”

In Oud’s opinion, design is more about art than technology.

In an interview with Quartz, Oumans brother Naban explained that design is a way of creating something that feels real.

“When I was a kid, I always loved drawing,” Nabil said.

His brother added that he used to be obsessed with architecture and history, and that he was inspired by artists like Frank Lloyd Wright and Paul Gauguin.

“Art and design have a lot in common,” Oadins brother said.

The first real design job was at a small, independent studio called The Artist’s Collective.

Oum’s brother Nablai was also the studio’s art director and helped develop the art for the studio.

Oadin said he worked there for about three years and got to know the studio staff.

The studio was not just an office space for designers, but also a studio for artists.

Om’s brother said the design work at The Artist, which was funded by The Artists Collective, allowed Oud to be a part of the larger art community.

“I felt very involved in the community,” Nablaid said.

Odin said that design can also be about “creating an idea, creating a feeling, creating something.”

This, he believes, can be a very powerful tool for a business.

“In the beginning, it was like ‘how do I do this, how do I make this work?’ and you learn about it from the first meeting, from the very first meeting,” Odins brother Ouma said.