‘Million-dollar war’ on Pakistan-China border threatens India’s economy

A deadly confrontation between China and Pakistan has led to a standoff that could threaten India’s economic growth.

The standoff, which began last week, is expected to last until Friday, with both sides accusing each other of war crimes and war crimes violations, as well as carrying out atrocities.

On Thursday, China accused Pakistan of carrying out a “war crime” of “massacre” in Kashmir, which it claimed was being carried out by the Pakistani military, in the latest flare-up between the two neighbours.

“Pakistan is guilty of committing a war crime and crimes against humanity in the Valley, including the killing of over 1,000 civilians, the use of excessive force and indiscriminate firing,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied carrying out the attacks, saying it has always supported the Kashmiri people’s struggle for independence.

It said it was committed to holding Beijing to account for what it called the “serious violation” of its sovereignty.

Last week, India said that the Pakistani army’s actions were “unacceptable” and called for a “strong, coordinated international response”.

The dispute between the neighbours, which started when India imposed a ban on Chinese imports from Kashmir in 2014, is at the heart of a trade dispute between China, which is building a major infrastructure project in Pakistan, and the United States.